TraumaRL screenshot
TraumaRL screenshot

Darkness. Then light. One minute you were piloting a R.E.E.D. - finest goddamn remote-controlled drone in the galaxy and the next you were lying on your back, brain-fried and being rushed into the trauma centre...

Something about total neural feedback and semi-partial brain-disintegration. All it means to you is sick leave for 6 months, but spending all that unconscious in a healing coma.

Apparently the docs have installed something in your head (probably where the brain cells used to be). Military grade, so might come in handy.

Surely there ought to be some nurses around, or someone. Hang on, OK this is a trauma centre, but there isn't meant to be that much blood around. Something is 'up'.

TraumaRL screenshot

TraumaRL was my entry in the 2014 7DRL competition. I worked with ShroomArts who provided 1-bit art assets and playtesting and feedback during the week. It builds upon (and continues the plot of) FlatlineRL.

The main innovation is a novel graph-based quest engine used to randomize the location of items and objectives in the main plot and to lock off particular areas with keys whilst guaranteeing that the game is always solvable. In order to guide the player, procedural message logs are created and dropped along the player's route to guide them to the next objective.

Inspiration-wise, I wanted to take the tight RL shooting mechanics from games like DoomRL and combine with the adventure-style mission of games like System Shock. I wanted to make the mission procedural so it played out differently, but not so random that patterns couldn't be learnt on multiple plays.


TraumaRL screenshot


TraumaRL screenshot

v1.12 (very-post-7DRL) - released 19/06/16

Download (Win32) [requires .net] (Change log)

This is the recommended version which has several improved features over the 7DRL release.

Please ignore the Chrome warnings - later versions of Chrome don't seem to like EXE files, but there's nothing bad here!

v1.04 (7DRL bugfix) - released 18/04/14

Download (Win32) [requires .net] (Change log)

v1.04 has identical functionality to the 7DRL version (written in 7 days) with some important fixes but no new features.

Sorry, no dice on a linux version - I can't get QuickGraph to work under mono


See the GPL-licensed source on github