PrincessRL screenshot
PrincessRL screenshot

Welcome to Princess School, girls! You'll all be here for one year and we'll be teaching you all to become perfect princesses to make your Daddys proud. I expect you to work hard and act like a princess at all times!

PrincessRL is a roguelike inspired by the Princess Maker series of games. Will you be able to take your Princess safely and successfully from Princess school, learn the skills required to be a proper lady, and maybe, just maybe find a Prince?



PrincessRL was my entry in the 7-day Roguelike Contest 2010 where it scored 2.61 / 3 in the 2010 7DRL Challenge Evaluation Process. Starting from a slightly upgraded DDRogue engine, the game was written within 7 days.


v1.04 - released 03/04/10

PrincessRL screenshot

Download (Win32) [requires .net]

Download (linux 32-bit) [requires mono, libsdl1.2]

There is a very rare save-game crash in this version. If you do save, please do so when you're not being attacked and are not in the middle of a combat move. Saving in town or the wilderness is always safe. The bug is fixed in the latest development version (as yet unreleased!)


See the GPL-licensed source on github