Becoming Northerly

RoyaleRL screenshot
RoyaleRL screenshot

Becoming Northerly was flend & ShroomArts's entry in the 2016 7DRL competition.

Becoming Northerly puts you in the role of a climber, aiming to get to the top of the mountain to challenge the King for his store of pelts!

It's a one-way adventure (every move takes you down the screen) and most people seem to think it makes more sense as a ski rather than climb simulator!

It's written in Javascript with rendering from rot.js and graphics made in a day by the excellent ShroomArts.

By my standards it's quite a pure 7DRL since it was mostly written from scratch in the 7 days, taking me about 45 hours.


Play now!

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v1.01 (post-7DRL) - released 21/05/16

Turning off the debug keys that a reviewer noticed were left on!

v1.0 (7DRL) - released 14/03/16

The 7DRL version